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Little Sluggers Rules

  • The home team will occupy the first base dugout/bench and pickup the equipment necessary at the shed at Penglyn to setup the field prior to the start of the game(bases, liner, lime). The home team will return the equipment after the game is completed and ensure the shed is locked.
  • Each team will bring their own game ball that will be supplied by the equipment manager at the beginning of the season. At the end of the game, each team can give the game ball out to a player of their choice for their effort in the game. All players should get a game ball by the end of the season.
  • There are 3 innings in the game. All players will bat every inning. The coach will pitch to the children. A player gets 8 pitches, after that a tee will be put in place. We encourage all children to hit off of a pitched ball.
  • All children will play the field in all different positions.
  • If a child hits a ball and it is caught they are out. If a child is out at a base they are also out. This teaches the child a little bit of real baseball. Remember even if there are 3 outs every child bats every inning.
  • Try to teach the child not to stand in the base path. This will help reduce the chance of injuries.
  • Bases are 55 feet apart. The pitcher will be 40 feet away from the batter, if the coach needs to move closer they may. This encourages a child to hit a pitched ball and get ready for the Bantam Division. Try to stay at the 40 feet mark.
  • All children playing by the pitcher must wear a heart guard and a helmet.
  • Remember these are just little kids now, they need your help and support, but most of all they need to have fun!!!!! They are the future of N.C.A.A. Baseball.

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